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EPA Lighting & Magnification

Our EPA ESD lighting and magnifiers protect against electrostatic discharge in the workplace. Our EPA ESD lighting range includes Daylight ESD lights and InspekTec lights, as well as magnifiers and accessories to help you see your work more clearly and efficiently.

Our Daylight ESD lights offer a high quality lighting solution specifically designed for use in electrostatic-protected areas. With various models to choose from, including desk lamps and floor lamps, our lights provide reliable and consistent illumination essential for precision work.

In addition to our lighting range, we offer a selection of InspekTec lights, which provide high performance lighting and magnification in one convenient device. With a range of magnification levels and lens sizes available, our InspekTec lights are perfect for any task that requires close attention to detail.

All of our EPA ESD lighting and magnifiers are tested to ensure they meet the highest performance and safety standards. With our products, you can be confident that you are getting the best electrostatic protection and lighting technology.