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ESD Bags

Anti-static ESD bags (electrostatic discharge bags) are designed to protect electronic components from electrostatic charges that can cause damage or malfunction. These ESD bags are made from materials that are conductive or dissipative, allowing the charge to be safely conducted away from the protected components.

Our ESD bags and anti-static packaging material includes a variety of items such as dissipative pink, electrostatic shielding and conductive black bags. All of these materials serve the same purpose of providing a barrier to protect against electrostatic discharge.

The size of anti-static ESD bags or anti-static packaging material you need will depend on the size of the electronic component you are trying to protect. It's important to choose the right size to ensure adequate protection and prevent damage during shipping and handling. In summary, anti-static ESD bags and anti-static packaging material provide an important layer of protection for electronic components, ensuring their proper functioning and longevity.

For quality anti-static ESD bags for your Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPAs), choose Teknis; your trusted partner in ESD control.