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Floor Products

ESD flooring is crucial in static-sensitive environments where static electricity can damage sensitive equipment and products. 

Teknis offers a comprehensive range of ESD flooring solutions, including ESD tiles, flooring systems, grounding kits, and signs. These anti-static flooring products allow electrical charges to dissipate safely, reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge. 

Our ESD flooring solutions are ideal for EPAs and busy workplaces, such as warehouses and manufacturing units. In these areas, electrostatic charges can be generated and carried around through walking. Using anti-static ESD flooring in static-sensitive environments offers numerous benefits, such as improved safety, increased productivity, and compliance with industry standards. 

It is a wise investment for companies operating in such workplaces as it protects sensitive equipment, reduces repairs and downtime, and provides a safer work environment for employees. Explore our range of ESD flooring products.