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About Us

Teknis Limited offers a wide range of Static Control Products, also known as Antistatic Products. These products are used to reduce or eliminate static electricity that is often generated when handling and processing ESDS (Electro Static Discharge Sensitive Devices) within the electronics manufacturing industry. Successful ESD protection is attained through the correct use of a variety of materials, commonly referred to as antistatic products.

A full range of Static Control Products that meet International Requirements

Our diverse range of antistatic products, many of which we design and manufacture ourselves, includes, antistatic packaging, antistatic boxes, antistatic foam, antistatic shoes, antistatic bench matting, antistatic floors and much more.

If you are looking for something specific and you don’t see it online please call us. We pride ourselves on our level of professionalism and expertise, offering a product range to meet the requirement of BS EN 61340-5-1, also known as IEC 61340-5-1, with the US equivalent being ANSI/ESD S20.20.

Need ESD Training or an ESD Audit?

If you would like Teknis to provide you with an ESD Audit, or assistance to ensure an ESD safe working environment and full compliance, we are well known for our strength in ESD Training and offer a comprehensive range of courses and tutorials to suit. Please call to discuss your specific requirements.