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PCB Holders

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) holders are essential tools for holding and securing PCBs during various stages of the assembly process. Our range of PCB holders is available in two sizes, 357 x 257 x 14mm and 557 x 357 x 22mm, to accommodate different PCB dimensions, making them suitable for multiple applications. 

Additionally, our PCB holders can be stacked using compatible posts to allow for multi-layer PCB assembly, providing a flexible and efficient solution for assembling multi-layered PCBs. Using PCB holders helps prevent PCBs moving or shifting during the assembly process, reducing the risk of damage to the components and the PCB itself. 

By providing a secure and stable platform for PCB assembly, our range of PCB holders offers a reliable and versatile solution for the assembly and testing of printed circuit boards. Explore and purchase PCB holders from Teknis; your trusted partner in ESD control.