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Wrist Strap Tester - CT5000

Portable wrist strap tester designed to check the continuity of installed wrist straps and cords. This device includes a 4mm banana socket and a 10mm male stud, requiring a 9v battery for operation. It can function independently as the WST1 unit or can be purchased as part of our wall-mounted test station, the WST2. Ideal for ensuring reliable performance in your electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection system.



Tests wrist straps at EPA entrance
Wall mounted via backing plate and complete with 9v battery
LED's indicate pass, high or low fail and low battery
Audible signal indicates 'pass'
Supplied with calibration certificate


Technical Specifications:

Weight: Lightweight at just 350g for easy handling.
Accuracy: Maintains a consistent +/- 10% accuracy rate.
Dimensions: Compact size at 130mm x 70mm x 25mm, making it portable and space-efficient.
Electrical Data: Operates on a 9v supply – PP3 Alkaline Battery, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Operating Temperature Range: Efficiently functions within a temperature range of 5°C – 49°C. It also boasts a safe storage temperature from -15°C to +60°C.
Relative Humidity: Operates optimally at 0% – 90% non-condensing humidity, guaranteeing reliability in various conditions.
Repeatability: Offers dependable repeatability with an error margin of +/- 10%.
Test Voltage: Utilises a nominal 9v stepped to 100v, ensuring thorough and safe testing.

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Wrist strap only tester with backing plate
Wrist strap only tester with backing plate